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Welcome to Word World!

My name is Abel Chiaro and this is the home for my literary projects, including conlangs, concultures, short stories, and whatever else comes to mind.

I write both in Portuguese and in English, but not all of my work is in both languages yet (and I'm not sure of what will ever be) — please be patient while I put everything here!

The World of Nálthea




The world of Nálthea
The world of Nálthea

Bem-vindo ao Word World!

Meu nome é Abel Chiaro e esta é a página em que publico meus projetos literários — línguas e culturas ficcionais, histórias curtas, e o que mais a inspiração me trouxer.

Escrevo tanto em português quanto em inglês, mas nem tudo que escrevi está em ambas as línguas (nem mesmo estou certo se tudo vai estar um dia) — peço a sua paciência enquanto coloco tudo aqui!

O Mundo de Nálthea






The Setting

Feel free to mail me with your comments and suggestions,
or if you want me to link to any work you derive from here.


Unless otherwise noted, all content in Word World is licensed with an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 license; that is, you are free to read it and derivate work from it, as long as it is non-commercial and you give proper credit to the author (me), and you share it with the same license.

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